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Ensure that your family is swimming safely year-round.

Perfection Pools can make your pool water clear, clean, and safe to swim in!

Maintain your swimming pool the proper way.

In order to be able to enjoy your swimming pool fun to the fullest, you must first make sure your water is safe and clean. Our pool care experts will make sure that the proper chemicals your pool may need are being utilized so that your water will stay clear, clean, and sparkling bright!

Element cleanings | Tucson, AZ | Perfection Pools | 520-885-8835

If your pool water isn't crystal clear, we can help:

  • Shock treatments
  • Algaecide treatments
  • Phosphate removers
  • Clarifiers
  • Alkalinity balancers
  • Water balancers
  • pH balancers
  • Salt water testing and treating
Chemical testing and balancing | Tucson, AZ | Perfection Pools | 520-885-8835

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